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$ 455,000 Ohio BUILDS Grant to Update Frazeysburg Water Supply System

FRAZEYSBURG – Big help to maintain clean drinking water arrives for residents of Frazeysburg

Ohio First Lady Fran DeWine recently presented a $ 455,000 grant to village officials. The money will be used to update an old water system due to a major upgrade.

The plant needs new media that removes contaminants in the water filter. A project was started in 2017 to replace it, but it was not completed due to costs.

Mayor Gerald Howard said it is routine maintenance, but comes at a steep price.

The money paid by the state represents about a quarter of the annual budget of the village. Without state help, “We would have been in trouble because we don’t have the money to do it.

“We’ll probably have to try to get a loan or do some other route with the USDA or a grant,” he said. “It’s the only way to survive on these grants.”

Frazeysburg has an aging population, Howard said. Many of its 1,326 inhabitants are retirees, so the village did not want to increase water prices, creating a financial burden.

The village’s aqueduct network also serves the surrounding communities. Howard said many people living in the surrounding rural areas used the village’s bulk water station on a weekly basis.

The grant is part of the Ohio BUILDS Act to improve water infrastructure and the quality of life for Ohioans. In total, it will distribute $ 250 million to communities across the state.

Plans are still underway for offers and a project start date in Frazeysburg.

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