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Adams defends brother’s deputy appointment, wants him to run security details – NBC New York

Trying to deal with any criticism of his decision to hire a family member in his first week on the job, Mayor Eric Adams played the defense over the weekend and shared a glimpse of the future role of his brother in administration.

Two days after News 4 New York reported that Adams was seeking to appoint his brother, Bernard Adams, to a post of deputy commissioner in the NYPD, the new mayor revealed that the post would be in charge of his personal safety.

“Number one, he will be in charge of my security, which is extremely important to me at a time when we see an increase in white supremacy and hate crimes,” Adams told Jake Tapper on Sunday on “State of the Union. “from CNN.

“Protection is personal. With the increase in the number of anarchists in this city, we have a serious problem with white supremacy,” the mayor reiterated at an independent press conference later in the day.

The mayor’s reasoning contrasts with his previous statements that he would move around town without any element of security.

“I won’t have security. If the city is safe, the mayor shouldn’t have security with him. He should be walking the streets alone,” Adams said at the start of his election campaign.

Bernard Adams, a retired NYPD sergeant, will serve again in the department as deputy commissioner assigned to the police commissioner’s office. The deputy commissioner’s role typically earns just under a quarter of a million dollars a year, or about $ 240,000, sources said.

His appointment is currently being reviewed by the city’s Conflict of Interest Council.

Bernard Adams most recently served as deputy director of parking and transportation operations at the MCV campus of Virginia Commonwealth University (the university’s medical center), according to his LinkedIn profile. He had held this position since July 2021, having worked more than 13 years as a manager in the same department.

“My brother knows me, my brother, I trust him,” Adams said Sunday. “If I’m going to put my life in someone’s hands, I want to put it in the hands of the person I deeply trust.”

News of his brother’s appointment came hours after Philip Banks was appointed deputy mayor for public safety, a positive result rekindled after several decades. Banks, one of Adams’ main advisers, helped reshape the police department of the new mayor’s administration, playing a leading role in the research that led to Keechant Sewell’s appointment as the first female city police commissioner.

Philip Banks abruptly left the police service in 2014 after then-commissioner William Bratton announced his promotion to senior deputy commissioner. He was later revealed to be an unindicted co-conspirator in a police corruption scheme.

Banks has denied any wrongdoing, but apologized for what he called a mistake when interacting with two men who went to jail for their involvement in the bribery scheme.

“I believe Phil acknowledges that there were real mistakes and mistakes that were made, he was not charged with a felony,” Adams said on Sunday.