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Advancing Taiwan as an exporter of smart solutions

  • Taiwan company Quadlink and Evvo IoT from Singapore will promote smart aquaculture in Singapore.
  • Airtree, Leian Japan and Welfare Okinawa have agreed to collaborate on the implementation of an innovative method of IoT agriculture in Japan.
  • YajanTech and a Singaporean company, iBosses, will expand their successful experiences with AR tourism into Singapore.
  • Lndata and a Vietnamese company, Mekong One, discussed the development of big data and digital marketing in Vietnam.
  • Big x Reality is reportedly collaborating with Malaysian XR Associates (XRA) to implement an XR training simulator in Malaysia.
  • Tatung System Technologies Taiwan and Syslink Thailand discussed providing smart solutions for public restrooms in Thailand.

This year’s conference focused on the theme “Being part of the international IS ecosystem” and focused on three actions: developing a sustainable business model, increasing capital investments and collaborating with partners. foreigners to meet the demand of foreign markets. The Director of the IDB’s Information Technology Industries Division, MOEA, Jiunn Shiow Linand the winners of Taiwan The 2022 System Integration Award responded to these actions at the conference.

Jiunn Shiow Lin noted, “As cities grow faster, system integration and smart city development have become important issues. With three years of collaborative experiences, we are confident that we can achieve an international ecosystem for integration systems by partnering with local players, developing overseas business models, and overseas operating solutions.”

Through the successful cases of the winners of Taiwan 2022 System Integration Award and six MoUs with international partners, this conference demonstrates our ability to deliver digital service to global markets and also proves the influence of the WSIC as a platform to facilitate international collaboration.”

In addition, representatives from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) shared their views on regional development and systems integration investment trends. . Speakers from The Philippines, India, Malaysiaand United States also shared local implementation opportunities and their experiences in smart energy, smart city, 5G and digital transformation.

WSIC, a cooperation platform created in 2019 with the vision of advancing Taiwan as a globally trusted exporter hub system integration, has been dedicated to sharing our system integration technology and experience and promoting quality solutions Taiwan to overcome challenges with local partners around the world.

All are invited to visit the website at https://www.sipa.org.tw/Default.aspx and SI Super Hub https://gis.cier.edu.tw/SIPA/casesI.php for more details on the Integration Promotion Alliance Project (SIPA) system.

SOURCE System Integration Advancement Alliance (SIPA)