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Air Suspension System – Pros and Cons Explained

The air suspension system is a process that was invented during the Second World War, especially for heavy aircraft.

New technics

Air suspension helps any automobile balance its weight with a compact build. Now, over time, the air suspension process has changed a bit. This system is therefore now used for heavy goods vehicles and even for certain cars. However, this suspension system has several advantages as well as some disadvantages.

An air suspension system acts as a cushion between the vehicle body and the wheel to reduce weight and vibration levels. The air suspension of the modern age is considered to be the replacement for the spring suspension setup of the old age. The steel coil springs above the vehicle are replaced by airbags in this system. These airbags are made of rubber and polyurethane. Like traditional springs, the airbags are amplified by an on-board electric pump. This creates a certain pressure in a vehicle to perform well. Air valves control the direction of air to go on different paths to inflate the system.


There are vehicles where the use of air suspension is essential. These models are the Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Jeep, Ram, Lexus, Volkswagen and Tesla. These models are equipped with a height-adjustable suspension, which allows them to enter rough terrain more easily. Some other models have an air suspension system that provides a controlled and smooth ride.

Over the decades, the air suspension system has become popular for use in custom automobiles. The adjustable suspension allows the vehicle to cope with obstacles on paved surfaces. However, in the case of a radical air suspension setup, high pressure industrial gas cylinders are required. After briefly discussing air suspension, it’s time to look at the pros and cons of an air suspension system.


Advantages of air suspension


One of the main benefits a person can get from air suspension is the level of comfort the air suspension provides. It adds comfort to the wheel, which makes it good enough to drive. The adjustable air suspension helps achieve a comfortable ride on poor-quality roads, and while you’re off-road, it helps you stay in control.

Reduce noise and vibration

Wear on vehicle components and the suspension system due to harshness and vibration is often felt while driving on the roads. The air suspension compensates for less wear as the car navigates potholes and hard surfaces.

fuel economy

As mentioned earlier, the air suspension system can be adjusted depending on the quality of the road. As a result, it helps to use less fuel and comes with better fuel economy. For example, the lower ride height can help reduce the wind system and an air suspension tuned to a particular road, for higher speed and time savings.

Disadvantages of air suspension


One of the biggest drawbacks of modern air suspension is that it is more expensive than the spring system of old age. Only expensive and luxurious cars have an air suspension system as the default mode. The cost of installing air suspension as an added feature in a normal car can be a pocket trimmer.


If you own a vehicle, it becomes your responsibility to maintain it properly. However, the maintenance cost of this air suspension is a little higher than the usual spring system. Cars with air suspension tend to travel longer distances, but sometimes on the road frequent repairs become necessary. Not fixing the suspension can never be the solution. Rather not changing it can become a real headache for a later period.

Mechanical problems

Air suspension systems are susceptible to mechanical problems. If you do not maintain the system regularly, it may malfunction. Rust or moisture is the general reason for damage to this system. Sometimes the failure of the air fitting or the bad connection of the breathing circuit can be the reason for the failure of the system.



There are good and bad sides to everything. The air suspension system has both. However, one must accept the fact that without this system the cars would not have improved so much so far. This is why even with common mechanical issues, the benefits of having the air suspension system can outweigh any disadvantages.


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