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Americans fear what 2022 may hold for the US and the world (poll)

Just over half of Americans dread what 2022 may hold for the country – with 50% predicting the new year will be bad for the economy amid rising inflation and supply chain shortages , according to a new poll released on the last day of 2021.

With the 51% fearful of what 2022 will mean for the United States, 54% fear what will happen to the world next year, according to the Axios / Momentive survey.

Americans were less fearful when asked what they thought 2022 would bring them personally, with 68% saying they had more hope of having a good year and only 30% saying they were more afraid.

Overall, however, the poll shows that Americans are slightly less optimistic heading into 2022 than they were in 2021. Last year, 25% said they feared 2021 would be theirs. was booking, and 73% said they were hopeful.

Laura Wronski, senior director of research science at Momentive, told Axios that “the end of last year was a particularly encouraging time” due to a change of presidency as well as the promise of COVID-19 vaccines .

Even with the COVID-19 vaccine, there has been a slight increase in coronavirus cases.
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“I think after this year we realized that it wouldn’t magically improve, that we will have to live with COVID for a while,” she said.

As America grapples with a wave of coronavirus cases due to the highly contagious variant of Omicron, 35% of Americans say they would like to hear less about COVID-19 in 2022. Meanwhile, 61 % said they were more optimistic than fearful about the progress of the pandemic in 2022, compared to 76% who said the same in 2021.

Americans were divided on the outlook for the economy in 2022, with 50% saying it would be a bad year and 48% saying it would be a good year. However, more than twice as many respondents (17%) predicted that the economy would have a “very bad year” than those who predicted it would be a “very good year” (8%).

The results of the survey.
The results of the survey.

The economy and jobs were also at the top of Americans’ list of the most important issues facing the country, with 31% of them saying it was what matters most to them. Democracy was second on the list, with 17% calling it the most important issue. Health care (16%), education (8%) and the environment (8%) completed the list of the top five problems.

Only 7 percent of those polled cited immigration as the most important issue, while terrorism and foreign policy received 2 percent each in the poll.

Americans were also bearish about President Biden’s future, with 53% saying 2022 would be a bad year for him (including 32% predicting a “very bad year”), and 44% predicting a good year for Biden – with only 11% predicting a “very good year”.

As Americans enter 2022 with concern, the poll suggests they will be relieved that 2021 is over. Forty-three percent of respondents described the old year as ‘exhausting’ and ‘worrying’, 31% called it ‘chaotic’, 21% said it was ‘hectic’, while 18% chose “Hell” as the word that best sums up their 2021.

Only 14% said 2021 was ‘great’ for them, 12% called the year ‘meh’ and 8% said it was ‘great’.

The poll polled 2,602 Americans from Dec. 14-16 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.