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Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 could have a terrifying new security feature

From an all-new design to impressive sound quality upgrades, we’ve heard plenty of tantalizing rumors about the so-called AirPods Pro 2. And if Apple’s latest patent filing is anything, they might be the one. most secure wireless set in the business. headphones too.

A new patent filing has revealed that Apple is working on technology that would allow AirPods to identify users by the shape of their ears. It looks a bit like Face ID for iPhone (Ear ID?), and might restrict use for anyone whose ears aren’t, uh, yours. And what’s more, the next AirPods could even detect your walking gait. Check out the best AirPods Pro deals if you’re looking for the best Apple headphones available right now.

Woman wearing AirPods Pro

These ears better be cleared (Image credit: AirPods Pro)

As reported by Patently Apple, the patent details how future AirPods could detect the shape of the wearer’s ear canal. The obvious security benefit here is that unauthorized users would be prevented from wearing someone else’s AirPods and potentially gaining access to personal information.

Future AirPods may feature new biometric measures “such as identifying the build of the user’s inner ear”. But even more impressive (and admittedly a bit terrifying) is the suggestion that AirPods could even use “information regarding a user’s walking and/or running characteristics” as an identifier. And we thought these teeth-controlled AirPods rumors sounded weird.

AirPods Pro

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the next generation of AirPods pro (Image credit: Apple)

“Conventional systems may risk leaking personal information from a paired device to unauthorized wearers of matching headphones,” the patent explains. Of course, anyone considering nefarious use of AirPods via Siri should be close to the owner’s unlocked iPhone, but any kind of added security is, of course, a plus.

From a new wireless output standard to replace Bluetooth to a radically different, stemless design, we’ve heard all kinds of information about the upcoming AirPods Pro 2. You don’t want to wait to find out what’s next. is coming? Check out the best Apple deals available now.

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