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Aqara Brand Store debuts on Amazon Germany | Business

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–February 22, 2022–

Aqara, a leading provider of smart home products, has announced the launch of the Aqara brand shop Amazon.defrom February 22, 2022. Following the first two European Amazon-branded stores, which were introduced in the UK and France in 2021, the launch of its Amazon.de store is expected to make a full range of products more easily accessible. Aqara for smart home users in Germany and other European countries covered by the Amazon network.

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Aqara Brand Store debuts on Amazon Germany (Graphic: Business Wire)

Aqara sells in Germany through many local retailers and the online Apple Store, and is becoming increasingly popular among smart home users for high product quality, accessible pricing, and seamless integration with major ecosystems. , including HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home. Committed to delivering premium connected home experiences, Aqara also announced support for the new IoT, Matter and Thread protocols. After the UK, France and Germany, the brand continues to expand its European presence and plans to add branded stores on Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain later this year.

The product range of the Aqara Amazon.de shop includes:

G3 camera hub – Aqara’s flagship pan-and-tilt home security camera with AI-enabled face and gesture recognition, built-in Zigbee hub function, as well as broad third-party ecosystem support (HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home);

G2H Camera Hub – A HomeKit Secure Video indoor camera for home security, with Zigbee hub function to enhance home security and smart home automation;

M2 hub – The versatile and scalable smart home hub that connects all Aqara devices and enables seamless integration between Aqara sensors and home automation devices;

M1S hub – The Aqara Accessories Wireless Control Center allowing home automation, local alarm and remote control of smart devices, while also being able to be used as a nightlight, siren or doorbell;

E1 hub – Aqara’s smallest smart home hub with UBS-A port and adjustable shaft, allowing it to be flexibly placed and charged by USB devices such as PCs, power strips and outlets;

door and window sensor – It detects if a window or door is opened in real time and activates push notifications or/and the local siren when the door/window opens unexpectedly;

Temperature and humidity sensor – It monitors temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure in real time and can connect to other Aqara devices for home automation and scenes;

Motion sensor – It detects human movements with passive infrared and can work with other Aqara products to set home automation and scenes;

water leak sensor – It detects floods and activates push notifications or/and the activation of local alarms to protect the property;

Vibration sensor – It detects vibration, tilt and drop, alerts users when unexpected motion is detected and can be used for home automation and scenes;

TVOC Air Quality Monitor – It detects the level of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in the air, as well as temperature and humidity, and can be used to activate push notifications, local siren and home automation;

H1 EU smart wall switch – Aqara’s first wall switch designed for Europe, supporting both European round wall boxes and 86mm square wall boxes and available in versions with neutral and without neutral;

EU smart plug – It automates ordinary household appliances and activates the remote control and timer of lights, fans and other devices.

E1 roller blind driver – A roller blind controller to automate regular beaded cord blinds, allowing users to adjust blinds by mobile command, voice command, preset schedule or via home automation;

H1 wireless switch – A remote switch with 7 configurable actions to control smart home devices or home scenes;

wireless mini switch – A versatile and compact switch with 3 configurable actions to control smart home devices or home scenes;

cube – A versatile control cube that recognizes 6 gestures (push, shake, rotate, double tap, flip 90° and flip 180°) for smart home control.

To celebrate the launch, Aqara is now offering a limited time offer of 10% off purchases on its Amazon.de store with promo code: DEGENERAL*. The offer is valid until February 24, 2022.

* The promo code applies to Amazon.de purchases made through the seller Aqara Official DE. Offer excludes G2H Camera Hub, Door & Window Sensor and Vibration Sensor.

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