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Audi integrates Apple Music natively into its infotainment system

Photo credit: Audi

Audi integrates Apple Music natively into the infotainment system of certain models.

Native integration will allow users to access their subscription directly from the media interface screen using onboard internet data. The option allows drivers to connect their personal Apple Music account to their car with no Bluetooth or USB required. After linking an active subscription to an Audi vehicle, Apple Music subscribers can access the music streaming services’ full catalog of 90 million songs.

“The integration of Apple Music into the audio infotainment system marks the next step in the collaboration between Audi and Apple,” says Christiane Zorn, Head of Product Marketing at Audi. “For our customers, this means giving them direct access to their own personalized listening experience.”

“This is our understanding of a premium in-car digital experience. At Audi, we systematically drive vehicle digitalization and believe that the interior is increasingly turning into a third living space,” Zorn adds. .

Audi says Apple Music integration will be included in all 2022 vehicles in Europe, North America and Japan. The integration will be rolled out to vehicles already on the road via an over-the-air update.

How to Activate Apple Music with Audi Integration

To start using Apple Music with an Audi, open the infotainment system and follow the onscreen instructions. When prompted, sign in with an Apple ID that has an active Apple Music subscription. Once connected, verify the connection by entering a code on your phone.

For Audi owners in Europe, cellular data streaming costs incurred are billed via a data plan available from Cubic-Telekom. The first three gigabytes of use are free.

You can still connect to Apple Music via Bluetooth, USB, or Apple CarPlay. Audi says native Apple Music integration makes sense because Audi designs a bespoke acoustic experience in every car cabin. The signals from each of the 16 individual loudspeakers can be controlled with an individual time shift so that they reach the listener simultaneously.