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Avoid the big box store to support local businesses during Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday has been back at full speed since the start of the pandemic. Perch hosts the third annual Shop Hop Small Business Saturday event from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. this Saturday at multiple locations across Midland. Perch owner Jaime Cole said most participating businesses will be offering special sales and drinks during the event.

“In the past, around six stores were involved, but now we’re down to eight,” she said. “We only do this at three different malls, so it would be easier for customers to get to participating stores.”

Eight local Midland stores will participate in three shopping centers. The event will allow attendees to win prizes in each store valued at over $ 500 when they collect a game card at their first stop, then receive a stamp at each store and finally return their card at their last. stop. Velvet Mesquite Designs, Boutique Estilo, Sgt. Pepper’s and Bird Box have all moved to new premises in the past year.

“The Midlanders have been great in reaching out and taking care of us during the pandemic,” she said. “Before opening the store three years ago, I had never done a retail business and we opened in 2019 before everything closed. People have gone above and beyond to support local businesses.

Participating stores include: Perch at 2040 W Cuthbert Ave. Following ; Boutique Estilo Boutique at 2034 W Cuthbert Ave .; Café Far West at 2040 W Cuthbert Ave .; Notable at 2101 W Wadley Ave .; Bird Box Gifts at 3211 W Wadley Ave .; Velvet Mesquite Designs at 3211 W Wadley Ave .; Sgt. Pepper’s at 2101 W. Wadley Ave. Suite 24 and Posh Pony Boutique 3211 Wadley Ave. 11B.

Perch has a paint-by-number kit sale and has Christmas trees in stock that went viral when she posted how to install them. She brings hops and bubbles that will serve as a signature cocktail and the Simply Jane boutique will be parked outside with their latest styles.

Velvet Mesquite Designs recently moved from the Micro Market boutique to the Imperial Shopping Center. Owner Elizabeth Resch said she liked the spacious new boutique which allowed her to expand merchandise and flower options, including a dry flower bar.

“All of the brands that we offer are still small businesses and are predominantly owned by women,” Resch said. “We have clothes now, but they are very neat because we only have one rack. We don’t try to have a clothing store, but we try to meet every aspect of a person.

Velvet Mesquite Designs will be offering drinks during its Saturday shopping hours for small businesses. Resch said she is still waiting to see if the weather will be hot or cold to offer a cold winter cider or sangria. The store will also offer gift wrapping services on Saturday. Merchandise will get 30% off all clothing, 20% off Christmas items, and 10% off personal care gifts.

Sgt. Pepper’s has added a kitchen in her new I’d prefer space, business owner Sarah Babbel will be using for special classes and preparing special orders during the week. Sgt. Pepper owner Elizabeth Smith said it was an easy decision to add a kitchen to the new expanded store.

“I met Elizabeth while I was looking for my own space where there was a vacant space near her old store,” Babbel said. “I was new to Midland and didn’t really know the area so I went to ask him about the area…. We understood that our dream was a bit the same at that time.

“I wanted to start offering more cooking and baking classes when I moved into a bigger space,” Smith said. “We met about a year and a half ago. We will bring in different chefs and bakers to teach. Sarah will participate in many baking classes and will also use the space to cook every day.

Smith said the company will be doing promotions and sales while Babbel gives 30-minute decorating-focused mini cupcake classes throughout the day. The available classes can be found on Sgt. Pepper website https://www.sgtpeppersmidland.com/. Sgt. Pepper’s will also open its new location at 3200 N Garfield St. at 12:30 p.m. on December 4.

Found Furnishings will have a pop-up of Mama’s Mazin Mustard in store this Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. The store will also be holding a sale and giveaway at 428 Andrews Highway.