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Biden puts IRS funding ahead of military and border security

Everyone should be deeply troubled by the recent report that the military is about to miss its recruiting target by tens of thousands of soldiers and the report that followed a few days later alleging that the border patrol lack of agents in Arizona and Texas. The border is so porous these days that even the mayors of sanctuary cities are beginning to complain about illegal immigration.

So what is Congress doing about these crises? They’re going to spend tens of billions of dollars to increase the number of… IRS employees. The plan calls for spending some $80 billion to hire some 80,000 new agents and investigators. This will give the IRS the resources to double the number of people audited each year.

Is this the most distorted set of national priorities you’ve ever heard? If that $80 billion were redirected to the military and border patrol, we could easily stop much of the tide of illegal immigration and bolster our military so we have the soldiers we need to defend our country.

According to official budget figures, the overall cost of border security to the Department of Homeland Security is approximately $55 billion per year. It’s less than just increasing IRS funding to harass the public. Or consider this: the epidemic of opioid and other drug overdoses kills nearly 100,000 people a year. We spend approximately $11 billion a year to prevent these tragic deaths. But the ironically named Inflation Reduction Act calls for 30 times more than that, or more than $300 billion, to try to tackle climate change, while the number of those dying each year from CO2 emissions is close to zero. .

All of this to say that the Biden-Manchin-Schumer spending bill that has now passed the Senate is arguably the biggest misallocation of our federal dollars in American history. It spends money in areas where we should be cutting spending and ignores national security priorities.

The reason we have inflation is because the Biden administration increased spending by $3 trillion in 18 months. Almost everyone knows that. The central idiocy of the Biden Inflation Reduction Act is that instead of cutting the budget by half a trillion, this bill does the exact opposite: it increases spending by that amount.

Incredibly, a bill that is supposed to reduce the budget deficit does not cut a dime from real spending from the federal budget. Even with federal audit reports revealing more than $250 billion in “erroneous” payments in Medicaid, food stamps, and unemployment insurance, Congress is doing nothing to curb fraud and theft.

As the latest report on recruit shortages in our armed forces tells us, we have national priorities that must be met. This bill bloats the budget, makes inflation worse, and will add to our $30 trillion national debt without addressing any of the nation’s priorities.

It’s reminiscent of Jeff Daniels’ immortal line to Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber”: “Just when I think you couldn’t be anything dumber…”

Stephen Moore is a syndicated columnist.