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CBI chose not to file response in Neha Shoree case: High Court of Punjab and Haryana: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, November 27

Almost three years after the Zonal Drugs Licensing Authority, Neha Shoree, was gunned down in his office in Kharar, allegedly for fighting the drug mafia, the Punjab and Haryana High Court observed that the CBI had “chose not to file a response as on the date”.

His war veteran father and another petitioner took the matter to the High Court two years ago, alleging inaction in the case. In their petition against the State of Punjab and other respondents, Capt Kailash Kumar Shoree and the other petitioner argued that the FIR in this matter was registered on March 29, 2019, but that “no further action is taken.” had been taken ”.

Their lawyer had argued that the murder was the work of the drug mafia because they had worked to end the drug threat.

Appearing before Judge Jaishree Thakur, lawyer Kanika Ahuja made a request to advance the hearing date in the case, which was set for April 26, 2022. Allowing the request, Judge Thakur seized the case for hearing and said: “This is a case where the daughter of the petitioner, who worked as the licensing authority for zone drugs in the Department of Food and Drug Administration of the government of Punjab, was shot in the office. The response was filed on behalf of the State of Punjab as well as the Respondent-NIA. However, for the best known reasons, the CBI chose not to file a response by the date ”.

Justice Thakur also ordered service of the copy of the order on lead counsel and CBI’s standing counsel Sumeet Goel. The case will now be heard on January 18.