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“Charitable Commissioner’s Sign Required to File Trust Documents” | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat State Charity Commissioner issued a circular on Monday asking registrar officials not to register documents related to the change, rental, sale and transfer of any property in trust without confirm that the prior authorization has been obtained by the Trustees of the Charity Commissioner. Office.
To curb the practices of illegally transferring property of registered charities, Charity Commissioner YM Shukla insisted that all state deputy registrars must first confirm that prior authorization has been granted by the offices of the charitable commissioner under the provisions of the law. He warned registrars that if they registered a document through trusts without prior permission from the Office of the Charities Commissioner, it would notify supervisors of defaulters to take action against them.
Shukla mentioned in the circular that he learned that the trusts are now signing memoranda of understanding with buyers for the transfer of trust properties and that a token amount is also being accepted. He called the practice illegal and said such practices are likely to lead to litigation. He asked trustees of registered charities not to engage in the practice of transferring, leasing or selling trust properties through memoranda of understanding.
The Commissioner said the provision of a mandatory prior authorization is intended to ensure that the assets of a trust are not wasted, and therefore the Deputy Registrar must first confirm this prior authorization before making any entry relating to the properties. belonging to registered charities.