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Checkers Fast Food Restaurant, approved convenience store for Croydon

A rendering of the Proposed Checkers.

Fast food chain Checkers’ plans to open a location in the Croydon section of Bristol Township were greenlit on Thursday evening.

Bristol City Council has approved plans by franchisee ARAR Foods LLC to open a 1,200 square foot Checkers and a 2,400 square foot convenience store for the now closed Wells Fargo branch at 399 Route 13.

The plan calls for the building to be remodeled and rebuilt to accommodate the needs of the fast food and convenience store, said David Shafkowitz, attorney for ARAR Foods LLC.


The township has approved a derogation for 33 parking spaces instead of the 44 required by ordinance.

Checkers will have a drive-thru lane for customers.

The developer had previously said there would be no seats inside the cantonment, but there would be a small seating area outside.

The developer has also told officials in the past that the site will reduce the impermeable service of the mostly paved land by adding greenery.


Council Chairman Craig Bowen welcomed businesses to the township and joked that they should bring treats to public meetings.


Shafkowitz said cleanup of the site could begin in 10 days.

The Wells Fargo branch in Croydon.
Credit: Google Maps

ARAR Foods LLC has already purchased the site from the bank for just over $1 million, according to county property records.

In the past, Checkers operated a location at the corner of Woodbourne and Bristol Oxford Valley Roads in the Levittown section of Middletown Township. This place closed in 2013.


The Wells Fargo building was previously owned by the Farmers National Bank of Bucks County in the 1950s. The Farmers National Bank of Bucks County was purchased by Fidelity Bank in the late 1950s. Over the years and acquisitions, the location was a First Union branch, a Wachovia and finally a Wells Fargo.

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