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China claims to have ‘advanced democratic system’ in Hong Kong

China has put “democracy back on track” in Hong Kong, the pro-Beijing State Council said.

Hong Kong:

The prospects for democracy in Hong Kong are “bright,” China said today in a white paper, a day after pro-Beijing candidates won parliamentary elections in the city with record turnout after a vast Chinese crackdown on Hong Kong freedoms.

China has “restored order” and put “democracy back on track” in Hong Kong, the State Council said in the white paper on developments in the former British colony.

The Asian financial hub was rocked by anti-Beijing and pro-democracy protests for several years before Beijing imposed sweeping national security law on it in 2020.

The white paper attributed the unrest to “anti-Chinese forces” and the “foreign enemies” who support them, adding that it had “advanced the democratic system” in Hong Kong by changing the electoral methods of its legislature.

Candidates in Sunday’s election were vetted for their “patriotism” and pro-democracy candidates were largely absent, having refused to run or having been imprisoned or forced into exile.

The pro-Beijing candidates won.

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