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Chinese companies file record number of European patent applications in 2021

The number of European patent applications from Chinese companies in 2021 hit a new high of 16,665, the Munich-based European Patent Office (EPO) said on Tuesday.

In total, the EPO registered 188,600 patent applications from all over the world last year, 4.5% more than the previous year. With a growth of 24%, Chinese companies recorded the highest rate among the top 30 countries filing patents.

“Over the past 10 years at the European Patent Office, we have seen that the number of patent applications from Chinese companies has increased fourfold in 2021,” Aidan Kendrick, chief business analyst at the company, told Xinhua. the EPO.

“What we see in 2021 is a continued dynamic growth of applications from China to the European Patent Office. In 2021, the rate of increase of about 24%, which represents an extremely dynamic development,” he added.

In the field of digital communications, which accounted for the most patent applications, Chinese companies were already the largest patent filer with a 29% share in 2021. In other fields, such as biotechnology and audiovisual technology , the deposits of Chinese companies have exploded. up to 75 percent.

With 3,544 filings, Chinese tech giant Huawei filed more patent applications in 2021 than any other company, ahead of South Korea’s Samsung and LG, according to the EPO.

For the first time, China’s top six companies, including Oppo, ZTE, Baidu, Xiaomi and Tencent, have also been listed among Europe’s top 50 patent applicants.