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CM instructed not to press charges for attempted murder against me, will release evidence: Guv

Aluva: Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Sunday repeated his allegations against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and the state government. “Don’t people in power know that a file must be filed in the event of an attack on the governor, even if there is no complaint,” he asked.

It was because of the chief minister’s instructions that the police did not press charges for the attack on him at the Kannur history congress. He said he would release video evidence and letters against the chief minister tomorrow.

The governor said the chief minister had asked him for many favors. But he said he wouldn’t release them.

Recently, the Governor alleged that the Chief Minister was playing every game to intimidate and pressure him.

The governor accused there was a conspiracy behind the assassination attempt on him at the historic Kannur congress three years ago and hinted that those in power in Kerala were also part of it.

“I am happy that the Chief Minister, who used to conspire behind proxies, has now come out into the open. The Governor also said the Chief Minister was not responding to letters he had been writing for 3 years asking him to perform his constitutional duties.

Let him publish the evidence he has

Addressing Khan harshly, CPM Secretary of State MV Govindan said the Governor had stooped to the lowest level and said he was now saying whatever came into his head.

“If the governor has evidence against the chief minister, let him publish it. But why didn’t he file a complaint when the protest took place at Kannur University,” Govindan asked.