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Cops will file a charge sheet in two days | News from Vadodara

Vadodara: Less than a week after brutally killing the 19-year-old girl, crime branch detectives are finalizing the indictment against defendant Kalpesh Thakore which they intend to file in two days .
Officials said they had gathered all the key evidence against Thakore who killed Trusha Solanki in cold blood on the outskirts of the city on the evening of March 23.
“We have gathered compelling evidence, including CCTV footage of Thakore’s movements, the murder weapon, medical tests and details of mobile calls. In addition, we have the statements of 25 witnesses. We will file the indictment by Tuesday,” DS Chauhan, ACP (crime) told TOI, adding that police will also require a special prosecutor for the trial.
“We are going to seek his death sentence as it was a very brutal crime. The defendant shows no remorse for his despicable act,” Chauhan added.
Thakore was taken into custody on Sunday after his three-day pretrial detention ended. The 23-year-old electrician shocked the city with his brutality after how he attacked and hacked Trusha to death near a garbage dump in the village of Dhaniyavi on the highway.
Police said Thakore had been in a relationship with the deceased for three years, but their interaction dwindled after she moved to her hometown of Godhra some time ago.
Trusha had a relationship with another man there. She came back to town two months ago to attend competitions.
When Thakore found out, he started pursuing her to renew a relationship with him. But Trusha rejected his proposal and told him that she was now in a relationship with someone else.
Thakore started emotionally blackmailing her and even took sleeping pills a fortnight ago. He had called her to meet on the fateful night and murdered her in rage.