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Corinex Launches Next-Generation Grid Intelligence System to Enable Autonomous Distributed Energy Systems

Vancouver, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Corinex Communications Corp., a global leader in broadband powerline (“BPL”) technology, today announced the launch of its next-generation Advanced Measurement Infrastructure (AMI) system. The new system is the first commercially viable BPL system based on the ITU standard G.hn protocol adopted by utility industry groups. More than just smart metering, the system provides edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, as well as fast communication between devices, to enable autonomous operation of power grids. The new system was developed in response to the decentralized management demands placed on grids by the proliferation of generation and storage devices and grid-connected electric vehicles around the world.

“We have entered the era of distributed power, which means we have also entered the era of distributed operations and huge data requirements,” said Peter Sobotka, Founder and CEO of Corinex. “By safely increasing data and computing capacity, our new system enables operators to apply cutting-edge computing capabilities so they can better manage a highly distributed network – and ultimately create self-regulating energy systems.”

In a highly distributed grid, artificial intelligence and advanced computing capability can help a distributed energy system, such as a collection of solar installations, continuously learn about changes in supply, demand, and power patterns. use, without going through the data center of a public utility. This advanced data processing will prove essential for providing reliable power in a distributed network, but it is not possible with most existing advanced metering systems.

Corinex’s technology leverages existing electrical wiring, turning power lines into high-speed conduits of energy and information. This self-contained energy information network provides unmatched cost efficiency and security for energy management companies and their end users.

Most current meter deployments use narrowband communication technologies that lack the bandwidth to handle distributed energy resource data at the scale that will be required when the electricity sector faces the changing demands placed on the networks they must manage.

“At Corinex, we work to enable decarbonization by helping utilities create self-regulating and automated energy systems in their power grid, to cope with explosions in renewable energy generation, storage devices and connected electric vehicles. networks,” Sobotka said. “Our new line of products enables utilities to not only better manage distributed energy resources, but also to maximize their efficiency – to deliver cost-effective, reliable and clean energy.”

About Corinex

Corinex is the world leader in broadband powerline technology and solutions. Corinex offers utilities and energy service providers a complete suite of high-performance networking products and software solutions, enabling high-speed, secure connections for millions of devices over existing powerline infrastructure. Managing millions of messages per minute allows utilities to monitor performance, predict usage, optimize network performance, and deliver required information to consumers and decentralized power producers. To learn more, visit www.corinex.com.