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Davis Health System Facing Capacity Issues | News, Sports, Jobs

ELKINS – Davis Health System is asking community residents to help ease the pressure on local emergency services.

Davis Health System officials expect inpatient and emergency department beds to stay near or above capacity levels during the Christmas and New Years holidays, officials said.

“Our emergency departments are averaging higher than normal volumes, and with emergency care clinics and other care providers closed for the holidays, we anticipate even greater demand for care in our departments. emergency. “ Chief Medical Officer Catherine Chua, DO, FAAFP, FMNM, CPE, said.

“We are equipped to meet the need, but ask patients to understand that there will be longer wait times and possible delays in transferring high-severity patients to other health systems. “

“The holidays create a unique challenge for access to care, as clinics and providers’ offices will be closed”, said Chua. “DirectCare of Elkins is open Sunday, December 26, and our family medicine clinics reopen Monday.

“Certain acute conditions may be more appropriate for these settings if the patient is comfortable with waiting. However, serious symptoms should never be ignored. Call 911 and report to the nearest emergency department for any life-threatening illness or injury. “

“We ask people to be a little more patient with our healthcare workers”, said Chua. “They are working as efficiently as possible to take care of everyone who comes to our emergency department. We are living two years into this pandemic and frankly many of us are mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. A little kindness will go a long way. “

A statement released by the clinical leadership of West Virginia community hospitals projects the highest number of COVID-19-related hospitalizations in the state since the start of the pandemic.

“The vast majority of ICU and ventilator patients are unvaccinated and the national shortage of monoclonal antibodies has severely restricted access to an effective treatment option. according to the statement.

“In addition, we are seeing a high number of patients with other health conditions requiring hospital care such as influenza, heart disease, cancer and trauma… the reality is that most hospitals in the state have more patients in their emergency departments than people in need of treatment. for them,” the statement reads. “This results in longer wait times, patients treated in hallways and waiting rooms, and diversions to other medical care providers where staff have the capacity to provide acute care services.”

Davis Health System operates emergency services in Randolph, Barbour and Webster counties.

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