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Deadline Monday to submit nominations for the Gregg County primaries in March | Elections

The nomination period for the March Republican and Democratic primaries is expected to end at 6 p.m. on Monday.

Applicants must file an application and a filing fee or a petition in lieu of a filing fee at the same time, according to the secretary of state.

Gregg County nominations must be filed with the county GOP or Democratic Party Presidents.

Candidates for public office should file their case with Democratic President Phillip Burns at (903) 261-9197 or Republican President Brian Bowden at (903) 754-5813.

The cost of the application fee or the number of petition signatures needed to accompany the candidate’s application for each position can be found at tinyurl.com/texaselexfees.

The following Gregg County candidates filed an application with Burns on Friday:

PCT 4 commissioner:

Shannon Brown (I)

Danny E Craig Sr.

Gary Floyd

PCT 4 gendarmes:

Daryl Gregg (I)

PCT 4 justice of the peace:

Robby Cox (I)

President of the Democratic Party:

Phillip Burns Sr.

PCT 20 chair:

Janice shaw

PCT 21 chair:

Laurel Harris

The following Gregg County candidates filed with Bowden on Friday:

County Judge:

Bill stoudt

PCT 1 justice of the peace:

BH Jameson (I)

PCT 2 commissioner:

Darryl Primo (I)

Ray bostick

PCT 2 gendarmes:

John bisese

Rambo Latham

Roger askew

Mike Middleton

PCT 2 justice of the peace:

Tim Bryan (I)

Judge of the departmental court n ° 1:

Angela Konczak

Judge of the departmental court n ° 2:

Vincent L Dulweber

District attorney:

Tom Watson (I)

John W. Moore

PCT 3 justice of the peace:

Bruce dalme

PCT 4 justice of the peace:

Darrin “Rudy” Rodolphe

188th District Court Judge:

J Scott Novy (I)

District Clerk:

Trey Hattaway (I)

County Clerk:

Michelle Gilley (I)

Federal judge:

Tim Womack (I)