Owner security

Do you always forget to toggle your Mac’s security settings? Pareto does it for you.

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These days, achieving total security on your devices goes far beyond setting unique, strong passwords. If your laptop or phone is stolen right under your nose, hackers can easily access your photos, files, work data, and more. Fortunately, staying protected is easy; you just need to have the right app installed on your devices.

Using Pareto Security is like having your own personal security team managing your protections for you. Rated 4.6 stars on Product Hunt, this app regularly checks and updates your Mac’s security settings to see where there might be vulnerabilities.

For example, protections such as firewalls and FileVault encryption may be installed on your Mac by your employer. However, if none of these are activated, it is as if you were absolutely naked, from a security point of view. Nicholas Calderone, co-founder of MacSources.com, said, “Pareto Security has helped me find hidden security features I never thought I would look for in macOS.

Pareto regularly monitors and enforces 23 security checks. Everything you AirDrop will still be private and protected, Gatekeeper will stay on, AirPlay Receiver will be turned off, and more. And because Pareto runs automatically in the background, it shouldn’t slow down your system, so you’ll hardly ever notice its resource impact. If you want Pareto temporarily disabled for some reason, you can easily tap “snooze” to disable it for as long as you want.

Single license holders will receive automatic updates whenever the Pareto team releases them. Plus, you can install Pareto on an unlimited number of devices, so you can protect your Mac desktop at home and your MacBook on the go.

With Pareto in your Mac’s security arsenal, you’ll never have to worry about hackers or thieves stealing your key and personal data. Usually, a Pareto Security Personal: One-Time license sells for $17, but new users can save 29% and boost their macOS security for $12.

Prices subject to change.