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Epic Games Store New game for July 14 explained

Epic Games Store users can currently claim old enemy and Kill Floor 2, but as always, these two titles will be replaced on July 14 at 10 a.m. CT. They will be replaced by a game pack and a game called Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

The wonder boy The series may not be the most familiar to Epic Games Store users, but this title is a remake of a 1989 game. It’s popular enough to have a staying power that few games ever match. Indeed, it is worth checking out for any Epic Games Store user.


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Epic Games Store – Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap Story

Note that this is a direct sequel to Wonder Boy in Monster Land; However, for those who want to check it out for free, it’s worth noting that fans don’t lose much information. The story set up is quite simple. At the end of land of monsters, Wonder Boy was cursed by the dragon Meka, which gave him a ton of new forms. The new game sets him on a quest to regain his human form by going to the Dragon Chamber.

Epic Games Store – Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap Gameplay

Graphically, everything is in Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap is drawn by hand. It’s evident in every moment of action-platforming gameplay, and it’s a brilliant feature of the title. Players will explore different parts of Monster Land, defeat enemies to obtain items such as arrows, fireballs, weapons and armor, and all possible forms and abilities. Players start as the fire-breathing Lizard-Man, and over the course of the game they will unlock Mouse-Man (who can cling to certain blocks), Piranha-Man (swimming), Lion-Man (vertical attack) and Hawk-Man (for theft).

Otherwise, it’s a pretty standard action platformer where players will face level traps, enemies, and have to fight and jump to pass. As a remake, this title offers new features such as instant weapon switching, additional difficulty settings, the ability to play Wonder Girl, and hidden bonus areas not included in the original. wonder boy series.

The overall gameplay design of the ’80s resonates, with the remake bringing the best modernizations to an otherwise nostalgic experience. It’s hard to explain, but it’s as simple as a classic Mario game with the current quality of platformers like Rogue Legacy 2.

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of free games each month.

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