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Family Dollar employee says store is infested with rats

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Family Dollar employee in Whitehaven is sounding the alarm on what they call a rat infestation.

In these photos, you can see several large rodents that a worker says are in the storage room of a Family Dollar located at 4100 South Plaza Drive.

The employee, who wants to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job, said the rats entered the store through dropped off mailings.

“If we go into the back room, we’re lucky that something could come out or fly up to our noses and make us sick,” they said.

When management called in an exterminator, the source of the problem was not taken into account. This leaves the workers to clean up the urine and droppings from the rats as the problem worsens.

“To be honest, we killed at least 20 of them, so there could be more than that because they’re always breeding them. The mom is still away, ”said the employee.

A woman who also didn’t want to be identified said she went to the store frequently and it was always a mess.

“Clean it up .. it makes the city of Memphis look really bad,” she said. “Very mean… I wouldn’t send my dog ​​over there.”

She and the employee are hopeful that something will be done quickly to improve conditions in the store.

“Maybe with the news from Channel 3 it could be of help for these working people. No one wants to go to work in the dirt.

WREG has contacted Family Dollar headquarters and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture for a response, but has yet to receive a response.