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Faster response times with the new 9-1-1 system in Adams County, Thornton

DENVER (KDVR) — On Tuesday, multiple agencies launched Colorado’s first regional 911 dispatch hub, integrating computer-assisted dispatch systems from Thornton Emergency Communication Center and Adams County Communications Center.

“In the past, what would have happened was that the dispatch center would have had to contact the other agency, either by phone or radio and say, ‘Hey, is this unit available? Can they answer? Then they’ll check and if they’re available they’ll send them out,” said North Metro Fire Battalion Commander Rob Morris.

Thanks to the newly integrated dispatch center, response times for neighboring departments should be reduced by more than two minutes. North Metro spokespersons said being able to instantly dispatch the closest emergency units, regardless of jurisdiction, is a huge benefit to the region and will have a big impact on critical medical calls and major incidents.

“The results are always better the faster we get there,” said Joel Estes, executive director of the Adams County Communications Center.

“Especially in high acuity call situations, CPR, deliveries, structure fires, large bodily injuries, it takes a lot of that stress off the dispatcher to make sure we’re making the right decisions to bring people in time,” Jackie Reynolds said with the Adams County Communications Center.

Just hours after commissioning, three agencies, North Metro Fire, Thornton Fire and South Adams County Fire, were simultaneously called to a townhouse fire where the new hub operated seamlessly.

Although the call was at the eastern edge of North Metro Fire, Thornton Fire had the closest fire trucks and arrived on the scene first and were able to quickly put out the fire before it spread. to neighboring townhouses.

“They arrived so quickly. He said he saved two minutes on that response time and they were able to save a dog that was in that burning building. Luckily, there was no one else there at the time. But because they arrived so quickly, that’s just one example of how important the system is to us,” Estes said.

The first phase of this project is now active, linking Adcom 911, Adams County Fire Rescue, Brighton Fire Rescue, North Metro Fire Rescue District, South Adams County Fire Department and City of Thornton Fire Department.

In the near future, Westminster Fire Department and Broomfield Public Safety Communications Center will be connected, hoping to bring in Federal Heights and other agencies in the coming year.