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Female Athletes File Title IX Lawsuit Against San Diego State

Seventeen female athletes have filed a Title IX lawsuit against San Diego State University, alleging they were deprived of $1.2 million because disproportionate financial assistance was given to athletes masculine.

Bailey & Glasser LLP, one of the law firms representing the plaintiffs, says female athletes have been deprived of $1.2 million in financial aid over the past two years. In 2019-20, female athletes made up 58.12% of SDSU athletes and received 50.57% of sports financial assistance; in 2020-21, women made up 57.22% of SDSU athletes but received 50.64% of sports financial assistance, class action claims Title IX trial filed on Tuesday.

In a press release, Bailey & Glasser LLP said that “if 60% of athletes are women, they are expected to receive almost 60% of the sports financial assistance granted”. In addition to paying out lost financial aid, the company wrote that SDSU must “provide equal athletic financial aid in the future.”

SDSU provided Inside Higher Education with an emailed response to the lawsuit, stating, “SDSU’s funding level for women’s scholarships is the second highest among Mountain West schools and among the highest in California and the NCAA. The truth is that SDSU awards approximately 95% of all possible scholarships allowed under NCAA rules for its men’s and women’s teams, with the remaining fraction being accounted for by legitimate reasons at the discretion of SDSU coaches. NCAA rules prohibit all schools, including SDSU, from awarding unlimited athletic scholarships. Exceeding these limits would render student-athletes ineligible to compete.