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File published on the murder of a former senator

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KAIT) – Arkansas State Police this week turned over thousands of pages of a file relating to the murder of a former state senator.

According to content partner KARK, a Pulaski County circuit judge ordered the ASP to disclose the file on the death of former State Senator Linda Collins.

The file contained 911 calls from a family of Collins, whose body was found in June 2019, as well as information that blood was found in the kitchen with Clorox, with blood on the nozzle, and details on Collins’ home security footage. ‘ residence.

KARK reported that the footage showed a woman screaming and O’Donnell then putting a large knife into a purse.

Investigators questioned Rebecca O’Donnell after Collins’ body was discovered. O’Donnell told authorities the couple had an argument over a text message that was not returned promptly.

Officials said the motive for the murder involved pecuniary or financial gain.

Law enforcement said O’Donnell also took Collins’ home security cameras, but forgot to delete part of the video, KARK said. One of the videos showed a person hidden under a white sheet walking into Collins’ house hours after the murder.

O’Donnell is serving a 50-year sentence for the murder and has not pleaded any challenge to a murder program linked to the murder.

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