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Filing Criminal Complaints Against Criminals: RH&CE to Public Servants

In a letter to the department’s NCOs, HR & CE Commissioner J Kumaragurubaran cited a recent amendment to the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act which classified encroachment on temple property. as a knowable and non surety offense.

The new amendment also allows anyone to bring a complaint against the illegal possession of any property belonging to temples and foundations. Previously, only the HR & CE commissioner was allowed to lodge a written complaint on the basis of the courts or the police who would act against the invaders.

“Thus, this letter urges relevant administrators or officials of temples or religious institutions to file criminal complaints against those who occupy properties without any formal agreement or without paying rent. Complaints should be lodged at police stations, ”Kumaragurubaran said.

He also urged temple authorities to identify people who have taken advantage of temple properties without any legal sanction and to file a complaint against them. The temple leadership, Kumaragurubaran said in his letter, should cooperate with the police in the investigations by providing details of the encroachments.

Kumaragurubaran also attached to the letter a copy of the amending law, which entered into force in October. The letter from the HR & CE Commissioner comes in the wake of the ministry launching a massive campaign to uncover and recover the encroachment on temple properties.

The DMK government, which took office in May this year, has taken several steps to instill greater transparency into the functioning of temples and has started uploading details of land, buildings and other documents to its site. Web as the first step.

The department is also conducting a drone and DGPS investigation of nearly 5 lakh acres of land owned by various temples and trusts dependent on it, after which 3D images of the land will be posted online. No less than 44,121 temples in Tamil Nadu come under the HR&CE department which manages and controls them.

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