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First black woman-owned shoe store opens in Northtown Mall

The first black woman-owned shoe store opened in Northtown Mall to welcome shoppers with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

Customers thronged “Boss Lady Shoetique” as owner Brittney Kline greeted first-time shoppers.

If you walk in the shoes of Kline, you will find that his journey has been punctuated by ups and downs.

“It was a struggle, but it was fun. We ended up here today, so I’m really excited,” said Kline, CEO of Boss Lady Shoetique. “I lost my job last fall. And that really made me want to go further in my entrepreneurship.

Boss Lady Shoetique started as an online business in 2019.

Kline wanted to expand so she brought her store to life by making history as the first black woman to open a shoe store in Northtown Mall.

“It also made me a little nervous in terms of location, because you don’t know how you’re going to be perceived or how you’re going to be accepted,” Kline said.

Kline explained that living in Anoka County, representation was hard to come by.

“It definitely inspired me and made me work a little harder,” Kline said.

She said black business owners were rare and she hopes to change the narrative.

“I’ve been coming here for years to shop here at the mall and I’ve never had stores owned by people who look like me,” said Michell Denard, Brittney’s mother.

Kline’s mother saw her daughter’s dream come true.

“I’m glad Northtown Mall gave my daughter this opportunity because now people can come in and see ‘oh she did. I can do it too,” Denard said.

“We need exposure in all areas of life. So if we can have you in the mall where most of our young kids hang out on a Saturday, the exhibit is free, so why not? Kiara Clark, a client, said.

Family and friends call Kline an inspiration for opening a store that encourages young kids of color to step into her shoes one day and do the same.

“Nothing is easy. You have to work for it and that’s the example I want to show them that it wasn’t easy, but you can do it,” Kline said.

Boss Lady Shoetique is located in the Northtown Mall, next to the Becker Furniture Outlet.