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First Look Image for ‘The Last Video Store’: – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: British distribution and production company Blue Finch Films has released a first look image for the fantasy drama from Vancouver-based director duo Cody Kennedy and Tim Rutherford The Latest Video Store as he wraps up filming in the Canadian port city of Hamilton.

Dubbed a “love letter to the days of the video club,” the film revolves around a young woman who brings a collection of old video tapes to one of the world’s last remaining video libraries.

Unbeknownst to her, she is in possession of a legendary “cursed tape” that holds the power to connect the real world to another dimension in which B-movie fantasies are reality. When she and the video store owner unwittingly awaken her curse, a series of cinematic villains are unleashed.

The film, which was selected for the Fantasia Montreal International Film Festival’s Frontiers co-production market in 2020, is Kennedy and Tim Rutherford’s feature debut and expands on a series of short films around the same theme.

The production reunites the directors with actors Kevin Martin and Josh Lenner and also features Vanessa “Yaayaa” Adams in her first big-screen role.

Greg Jeffs at NJC Picture Co and Laurence Gendron at Genco Pictures are producing with and executive producers including Michael Baker (On the count of three), Brendan McNeil (Queen of Spades), Patrick White and Ari Taub as well as Mike Chapman and Simon Crowe under the banner of Blue Finch Films.

Blue Finch Film is also handling international and working on a festival launch for early 2023.