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Gmail reaches 10 billion downloads on Google Play Store

Gmail for Android has taken a pretty big step after surpassing the 10 billion download mark on the Google Play Store.

Present since the dawn of Android, the Gmail app has been essential for billions of people around the world, so it’s no great shock that it has reached this download stage (marked by Android Police). However, it’s a shock that it took so long, especially since Gmail comes preinstalled on almost all Android smartphones.

Reaching the 10 billion download marker means Gmail is part of an exclusive group of Play Store apps to hit such an install figure. While Gmail was originally just a place to send and receive your email correspondence, it has evolved in recent years with the integration of Chat and Meet as part of a rebranding and a larger “Workspace” upgrade. Sadly, that meant the end of Hangouts, but along the way we also saw a popular Gmail Inbox alternative bite the dust.

 Gmail for Android passes the milestone of 10 billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

As the de facto default email client on Android, we always expected Gmail to hit such a download figure, but as we mentioned, we’re surprised at how long it took. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including the rise of the Gmail Go app for low-end devices or the fact that the mobile web app offers almost all the functionality without needing to install it directly on your smartphone.

You might never reach ‘zero inbox’, but you can certainly expect more first-party Google apps to hit similar high download numbers in the coming months, because surprisingly enough, we haven’t seen Chrome or Photos reach the same milestone yet.

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