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Grambling mayor opposes $ 18million security fence around university

Grambling Mayor Ed Jones has said he opposes further fence around Grambling State University and will challenge it in court if necessary, according to a report from the News Star.

the offers $ 18 million barrier fence project aims to control traffic and increase safety for students, professors and university staff.

Ttwo fatal shootings performed on the Grambling campus in the fall, on October 13 in front of the student union and another four days later in the quadrangle. Since 2017, at least four people were killed and 15 injured in shootings on the Grambling campus. Foreigners – people who are not students or university employees – were responsible for most of the shootings.

The college campus is located along the city’s main road, and fencing that street would be financially damaging to surrounding businesses, Jones said.

We have 18-wheeled vehicles going through there, ”Jones said in The New Star report. “We have businesses that people are going to visit and if they can’t go down the street, they will be turned away from those businesses and those businesses will lose money.”

Jones said he also believes the additional fencing will not prevent guns from reaching college.

The money to pay for the proposed fence must be approved by the Louisiana legislature, which also determines whether the project is a short- or long-term priority.