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High-end CCTV, explosive detectors: Delhi police increase security in city courts

In an effort to enhance security in the city’s courts, Delhi Police, following an audit, decided to acquire 1,055 CCTV, including 60 pan-tilt-zoom cameras, 56 luggage scanners at X-rays, 30 explosives detectors, 28 integrated systems for control vehicles and 155 iron barricades.

Problems over security breaches in city courts have come to light following two incidents last year. In September, two armed men, posing as lawyers, had gangster killed Jitender Maan aka Gogi in a courtroom before being shot by police. In December, a low intensity explosion took place in the same courthouse.

In the aftermath of the blast, Delhi High Court ordered police to assemble a team of experts to undertake a security audit of the High Court and District Court complexes. Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana had also asked the district police to hand over the security of all courts to the security division after the September incident.

“The Special Security Division (Protective Security Division) has been tasked with investigating the judicial complexes and ensuring that the equipment and gadgets to be installed by the Delhi police have been put in place and are in operating condition. Equipment that does not work must be replaced urgently, ”said a senior police officer.

During the audit, the security division found that some CCTV cameras were not operational. “A report was prepared and shown to Asthana. He recommended the purchase of several new gadgets and they got approval from the police headquarters, ”said a senior police officer.

The security division will purchase 1,055 CCTV cameras – 759 fixed cameras, 236 IR fixed domes (they work even in low light or no light conditions thanks to the built-in infrared LEDs) and 60 PTZ cameras for seven courts.

“Previously, the district police provided their barricades to the courts as required. However, now it has been decided that the barricades will be purchased exclusively for the courts. 30 explosives detectors, which are worth around Rs 7 crore, 56 x-ray baggage scanners worth around Rs 6 crore, and 28 integrated vehicle control systems under the vehicle monitoring system which is equipped with A security barrier, an RFID tag and a barcode reader will be procured to reinforce security measures. It would be a fast and efficient system allowing security personnel to control the undercarriage of a vehicle without disrupting traffic, ”added the officer.

Earlier, Delhi Police told the High Court that 85 door frame detectors and 125 hand-held detectors have been installed and provided to various district courts as part of measures to boost security.