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Hope Farms Introduces New Rainwater Harvesting System

Houston has an average annual rainfall from close 50 inches and now, Recipe For Success Foundation at Hope Farms reap the benefits. The seven-acre farm has built its mission around growing fresh, affordable, organic produce and promoting clean eating habits for the Sunnyside neighborhood and Third Ward community.

Contributing to their eco-friendly mission, Hope Farms recently added a new rainwater harvesting system that can store up to 95,000 gallons of water per year. Once the water is collected and filtered, it will be used to irrigate the fields, wash the vegetables and send water to the farm’s kitchens and bathrooms.

“We’re a vegetable farm, but we’re also a vast wildlife habitat that borders Sims Bayou,” said Gracie Cavnar, Founder and CEO of Recipe for Success. Houstonia. “Thoughtful water management is important, and this extensive catchment and management system will ensure that the abundant rainwater that drains from our barns and buildings is redirected in the most productive way for our day-to-day use and the best environmental impact on land and habitat. ”

For 17 years, Cavnar has promoted healthy eating habits to fight childhood obesity through the Recipe For Success Foundation with programs like VegOut! Challenge, Farmers MarKIDS and Eat It! Culinary adventures.

“It was part of our master plan from the start to establish an urban farm in one of the city’s food deserts so we could grow healthy food and make it available to our neighbors at heavily discounted rates. And also be a gathering place to celebrate and learn about healthy foods and to train people to be farmers,” Cavnar said.

Worried about The American Problem of Childhood Obesity, Cavnar sees the rainwater system as an obvious next step for the growth of Hope Farms and its ability to provide healthy food and education to the community. The Delivering Hope initiative, run by Hope Farms, is currently providing free weekly bags of fresh produce to 62 extremely vulnerable families whose children benefit from a free school lunch program in the Sunnyside neighborhood area code. .

“We’re really doing everything we can to make sure we can get healthy food into people’s hands. Older children eat lunch at school, but what about babies at home? Cavnar said. “So we provide them with free products every week. As we grow and get more funding, we will expand to other postcodes.

Sun Club executive director Stacy Mehlhoff said the decision to fund the project was a no-brainer. “The consensus could not have been clearer. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to work alongside an organization that was such a positive force in the community,” exclaimed Mehlhoff. “Sustainability goes beyond environmental stewardship. By working with organizations like Hope Farms, we help create opportunities that not only benefit the planet, but the people of this planet as well.

City Council Member David W. Robinson supports the efforts of Hope Farms, calling it a sincere commitment to the community and crucial to the people of Third Ward. “It’s biblical. In this case, it’s wonderful. We have water harvesting systems behind me, we have resources all around us, and we have great people who care about others,” Robinson said.

Hope Farms welcomes customers from all over Houston to its weekly market, Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you live in the surrounding Hope Farms zip code, you get a 30% discount on all foods. If you carry a SNAP card, no matter where you live, you get two items for the price of one. For more market information and community cooking class schedule, visit their website.