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How long can you keep potatoes on the counter

Potatoes are a bit finicky. We mentioned that they don’t like sunlight. The reason is, according to rural growth, is that it causes them to develop green spots on their skin, which are not only bitter-tasting, but poisonous. Potatoes don’t like too much moisture either, so never store them in plastic bags…unless, of course, you puncture the bags so the potatoes can breathe and that they do not retain moisture. What, didn’t you know potatoes could breathe? Yes, by Food52they can, so it’s best to keep them well ventilated in a mesh or paper bag.

Watch out for sprouting potatoes. What causes sprouting? When starches are converted into sugar, green upside down reports, the potato now has the energy to sprout. But temperature is a crucial element in this process. The higher the temperature, the faster your potato will germinate. Above 70 degrees, potatoes reach the ideal temperature for sprouting, according to Green Upside, which means storing potatoes on your counter at room temperature essentially encourages accelerated spoilage.

There is some debate about whether you can still eat sprouted potatoes, but as Health Line warns, sprouting causes increased levels of glycoalkaloid compounds like solanine and chaconine, which are toxic. So, for safety reasons, it is better to avoid eating these sprouted potatoes; and of course, never eat moldy potatoes, as they can contain lethal levels of solanine, for Smithsonian.