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How to Save Google Doc as PDF and Share on Mobile, Desktop

Google Docs can be useful for writing documents on the go. However, PDF files are a better way to distribute documents because they don’t allow others to make changes, but rather to be delivered as they wish. Also Read – Dell XPS 15, XPS 17 Laptops Refreshed with 12th Gen Intel Core Processors: Here’s a Sneak Peek at What’s New

Also, PDF looks more refined and the format uses internal compression, thus consuming less space than other file types. Ideally, users create documents using another application and then convert them to PDF format. Luckily, Google Docs provides a comprehensive package where you can use a document to write your diary, enter details, and export it to PDF. If you haven’t tried it yet, follow this guide- Read also – How to download Google Maps and use it without Internet

How to export a PDF file in Google Docs

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-Open Google Drive on desktop or just type drive.google.com

-Once Google Docs is open, find your document and double-click to open it

-Then in the taskbar tool find File and tap on it

– Move to download and hover your cursor over it

-In the menu you will see the PDF document, click on it

-The file will then download and appear at the bottom of the screen

Android, iOS

– Open Drive on your device

– Find the document to export and tap on it

– Then tap on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner

– Find Share & Export and tap it

– Then click Save As and select PDF Document, press OK

– The document will open externally after which you will have to download it by pressing the icon at the top

-Your PDF file will then be saved on your device