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Islamic outfit to file contempt plea in Karnataka HC

The Islamic group Anjuman-e-Islam has claims that he will file a contempt suit against the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation Commissioner in the Karnataka High Court for allowing Ganesh Chaturthi festivities at the Eidgah Maidan in the Hubbali district of Karnataka. It comes after the Karnataka High Court cleared Ganesh Chaturthi festivities at the site.

Vice President of Anjuman-e-Islam Altaf Nawaz said the Muslim group will sue the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation Commissioner for contempt. “We will apply to the High Court for instructions to prohibit religious activities of other communities on the Idgah land. Our organization has been awarded the Idgah land for a lease period of 999 years by the Supreme Court “, did he declare.

“Any other community using the land for religious purposes will be in contempt of court. Although we are not against the celebrations of other religious communities, this three-day Ganesh Utsav in the field of Idgah really disturbed us,” he added.

The installation of the Ganesh idol at Hubbali Eidgah Maidan took place on August 31 after the Karnataka High Court approved the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities.

In a petition, Anjuman-E-Islam objected to Dharwad Municipality’s approval of the site’s use for Ganesh Puja. The Court, however, rejected the argument, stating that the municipality owned the land and the Muslims could not prohibit others from using it since they were allowed to pray there twice a year.

The three-day Ganesh Utsav at Eidgah Maidan in the Hubbali district of Karnataka ended on Friday, with the Ganesh idol set up at the submerged site at the Sadashiv Nagar dumping point. The closing procession was organized by the Rani Chennamma Maidana Gajanana Utsav Mahamandali. The organizers held a Mahamangalarthi (ritual) before the procession and auctioned off the jewelry and clothes used to adorn the idol of Ganesh. The deity was then immersed in an artificial pond at Sadashiv Nagar.

Sanjay Bhadaskar, leader of Mahamandali and leader of Vishva Hindu Parishad, oversaw the procession, as did BJP leader Mahesh Tenginkai and members of VHP, Sri Rama Sene, RSS, Somavamsha Sahasrarjun Kshatriya Sama, Hindu Jagarana Vedike and Hindustan Party Janata.