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Johnson announces his intention to file a case for Harrison County Pct. 2 commissioner in the Democratic primary | News

Robert Johnson III, a longtime Harrison County resident, has announced his intention to file the case with the Pct office. 2 County Commissioner vs. Incumbent Zephaniah Timmins.

Johnson, who ran for the Republican ballot in 2018, will run on the Democratic ticket for the March 1 primary.

“I am a candidate for the Democratic Party (in the polls). I really don’t care to elaborate on this, but I just want people to know that I’m getting ready to come out here and do whatever I have to do for Precinct 2, ”Johnson said. “It’s so much that you can go on and on by talking about our neighborhood and Harrison County in general. “

Johnson said he just wanted to do his part to make the county, as a whole and in particular its precinct, a better place to live.

“It’s just because I live there with the people from Ward 2. I stay there. I’m going through what they’re going through, ”he said of why he wants to come forward to represent his precinct.

The need to improve roads in rural areas was one of the reasons that motivated him to run. Johnson recalled that the flood conditions were so dangerous in his area on Five Notch Road that once neighbors had to band together to transport the neighborhood children to school.

“They were flooded there and the buses couldn’t even get the kids to school,” Johnson recalls. “People had to regroup on Five Notch Road. We got together and took the kids to school in the backs of trucks, and things like that. The good thing is that it was not cold.

Johnson said he was not only concerned about the conditions on his route but also other areas he had examined in Compound 2, particularly in the Scottsville area.

“I went to Scottsville and had a conversation with Mr. (Kerry) Cade to see what he’s going through in the area he’s in,” he said of his dialogue with the mayor. of Scottsville.

“You threw away the mattresses; you have downed trees that these people had to cut down themselves in Scottsville, ”Johnson said.

As county commissioner, Johnson said he would like to focus his efforts not only on improving roads, but also on solid waste and waste control.

“He’s one of my pet peeves,” he said of the litter box.

“Since I last ran people have called me asking what I can do. I can not do anything; I’m not the commissioner, ”Johnson said.

Johnson said if elected he plans to pursue an open door policy, making himself accessible to voters to reach him in resolving any issues.

“If I miss your call, I’ll call you back,” Johnson said.

He would like to encourage more residents to become active in county government and attend Commissioners Tribunal meetings.

“I want people to start attending these meetings. People don’t attend, but you want to know what’s going on, ”he said.

Johnson said he would also like meetings to be scheduled at a time that allows working people to attend.

“It is always 9 am, during working hours,” he says. “So I want to go in there and work with the other commissioners and the judge to see what we can do to better open it to the public.”

Johnson said his latest campaign pushed him even more to want to run for office and get involved in county government.

“I have really become passionate now because a lady told me … your first time, let it be a learning experience; and it was, ”Johnson said. “She really motivated me.”

The candidate said he looks forward to campaigning for the upcoming primary elections and being more visible in the community.

“I was in the Christmas parade. I drive trucks (18 wheelers), but if I was there full time I could go out here and get more involved with people, ”he said.

If elected, he said he plans to become a full-time county commissioner.

“I just want to get more involved in the community as a commissioner,” he said.

“I want to associate like with the judge and constable in Station 2, be with them, collaborate more with them, attend my courtroom, hang out with them, my constable, help them in some way,” Johnson said. . “I’m also going to be associating with these guys from Commissioners’ Court because we all have to be there to make that decision on everything that is going on in Harrison County. I would love to get in there and help these guys. I feel like I’m going to have a great relationship with them, if God bless me to win the job.

In the role of county commissioner, Johnson said he would also like to create community partnerships with other entities, such as the city and the local school district, for the betterment of the community.

“Part of my compound is in the city, so I would like to get more involved with the commissioners there,” he said. “I do a lot of things in schools, so I would love to get together with the school board and have all of us come together and kind of collaborate on what we need to do to make Marshall like it’s 1985. in high.”

“That’s when I was a little older to find out what was really going on,” he said.

Johnson would also like to help create a positive atmosphere for the local children.

“They have too many things on their minds; it is not enough to do for them, ”he said. “We’re going to have to take some responsibilities and start tightening them up. So, I would just like to come here and help the community. “

Johnson is currently actively involved in the community through his service with the Harrison County Child Welfare Board. He is also a trainer of sports programs for young people.

“I still take care of the kids a lot,” Johnson said. “I have the impression that if I had the post of commissioner, I would have a lot of time to be able to open doors, put children in place and involve these children in many activities. “

A longtime resident of Vault 2, Johnson lives in Marshall with his wife, Chanda Johnson, and their family.

Nominations for the March 1 Republican and Democratic primaries opened on November 13. The deposit closes at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 13.

County-wide positions on the ballot for the 2022 primaries include: district attorney, county clerk, county judge, county court judge, district clerk, county treasurer, PCT. 2 County Commissioner, PCT. 4 county commissioner, Pct. 1 justice of the peace, Pct. 2 justice of the peace and PCT. 3 justice of the peace.

Democratic Party candidates can apply by calling Party Chairperson Maxine Golightly at (903) 918-0521 or by contacting her through the Harrison County Democratic Party Facebook page.

Harrison County Republican Party candidates can file their case by calling Party Chairman Lee Lester at (903) 738-3824.

Information on candidates can be found on the Secretary of State’s website, www.sos.state.tx.us, as well as qualifications for all public office.