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Kettle corn company opens retail store in Wallingford

WALLINGFORD — In honor of his mother’s love of popcorn, Robbin Jackson opened a hot corn store called Nutmeg corn.

“We lost her eight years ago and she loved popcorn, she loved popcorn,” Jackson said.

Jackson started his company in 2014, the year his mother, Ruth Ford, died.

“We started doing sales, it was a hobby, and then we started getting more orders,” Jackson said. “… The development of the store has been long and difficult. The storefront is my favorite thing.

Popcorn is popcorn often prepared in a large kettle, usually mixed with oil, sugar, and salt.

Jackson has a cousin who worked in New Haven, where he brewed hot corn by hand. He eventually moved out, so when Jackson started his business, her husband, Herb Jackson, learned how to make hot corn and did it at a separate location in Wallingford.

“He learned pretty fast, he really did,” Robbin Jackson said. “He watched how my cousin did it. Then he started practicing and it started to taste pretty good. Now he has it all figured out where he is consistent with every batch. We are definitely a small, small-batch company, so we make small batches and want this flavor to taste homemade.

Nutmeg Kettlecorn opened at 2 Chapel St., Suite 6, in March, but held its grand opening on June 4, which was Ford’s birthday.

“The concept is entirely my idea,” Robbin Jackson said. “What we want to do is be a little local candy store, a nice little place where you can buy that little impromptu gift if you’re going to a friend’s house or a baby shower.”

Robbin Jackson sells 10 different flavors of kettle corn, including caramel, blue raspberry, grape, pink cherry, green apple, salty sweet, chocolate, strawberry, caramel apple, and fireball. With the increase in the price of food and oil, she is worried about rising prices.

“We’re taking a beating in lost profit, we’re really not profiting at this point,” Robbin Jackson said. “I’m wary of raising my prices because if I do, I’m overvaluing myself before I even start this business… But I’m not going to stop. I’ve gone too far and feel like I’m blessed from above to go that far.

Robbin Jackson has partnered with other women-owned businesses, such as Amy Cakes in Wallingford and Sweet Claude’s Ice Cream in Cheshire. She sells some of their products and they sell some of hers.

Kelly Anne Pearce, owner of Sweet Claudesaid she created six ice cream flavors especially for Nutmeg Kettlecorn.

Robbin Jackson “has a great vision of what she wants her store to be, so when we were creating the flavors, she kind of pointed me in the right direction and we found a few things that complemented a lot of the products that she has in her shop,” Pearce said.

Robbin Jackson gets a lot of wedding business and is on WeddingWire and The knot.

“We do a lot of weddings, we do a lot of business deals, all the occasions in life,” she said.

Nutmeg Kettlecorn is the first step towards what Robbin Jackson wants to do in the future, which is to one day expand into more storefronts and a small business called NKWed to focus on weddings and special events.

“We certainly hope to expand,” she said.

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