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KLM employees file a complaint against Air France-KLM in the context of a dispute with a member of the board of directors

KLM (OR) works council is going to a French court over a dispute over a supervisory board position on the Air France-KLM board, OR chairman Dario Fucci confirmed after the report by De Telegraaf. This is a lawsuit against the European employee participation organization of Air France-KLM.

Fucci declined to say more about the content of the lawsuit. “We await the verdict with confidence,” he said.

The conflict revolves around the practice within the aeronautical group according to which the Dutch staff representation could also appoint a supervisory director via the European or sit on the group’s board of directors. In recent years, the OR has always been entitled to a vote at the table in Paris, but this was not the case during the last election. KLM workers have therefore taken the case to court, where the case is expected to be heard in May.

For years, friction has existed within the Franco-Dutch holding company over the balance of power between Paris and Amstelveen, where KLM’s head office is located. The case was made more complicated by the fact that the relevant position on the supervisory board went to a KLM employee, Terence Tilgenkamp.

Tilgenkamp was previously chairman of KLM’s works council, but was later removed from office by his own board. An insider claims that Tilgenkamp operated alone and that his candidacy for the Paris headquarters was not coordinated with the KLM works council.