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Lego will open its first Israeli store at the Dizengoff Center

Danish toy giant Lego has revealed that its first Lego-only store in Israel will open in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Center shopping mall before summer. Globe Reports.

Last month, the toy company announcement it will open its first Israeli store dedicated to Lego in Tel Aviv.

After a month after announcing the opening of its first store in Israel, Danish toy giant Lego has now revealed that the store will open in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Center before summer arrives, according to a precedent. report of Globes.

The store will be located in Building A where six stores are currently being renovated and converted into a single space totaling over 200 square meters.

Lego products are currently available in Israel at local toy retailers, but their prices are among the highest in the world. On the other hand, the Tel Aviv store will benefit from a significant price reduction on all of its products.

“We are excited to bring the Lego store experience to Israel and make the brand accessible to the Israeli public,” said Lego franchisee Eran Tor, CEO of TorGaming and founder of the iDigital store chain. Tor was also responsible for bringing Nintendo to Israel.

“We believe the store will act as a new magnet for families, kids and Lego freaks,” added Dizengoff Center co-owner and co-CEO Dan Pilz.

The Tel Aviv store will become the 679th Lego store in the world.