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Local Men’s Clothing Store Moves to Downtown Inman | Spartanburg Affairs

SPARTANBURG — Jack & Co. menswear store has moved to downtown Inman.

Owner Colby Landrum said it had outgrown the previous location. The new store at 10 Mill St. is twice the size of the old store on Highway 9. The store sells men’s clothing, accessories and gift items.

“I don’t like having the big big brands that everyone wears,” Colby Landrum said. “I want things to be original.”

Landrum visits a menswear market at least twice a year to research upcoming brands and trends. It bears about 10 marks. Customers can find clothing from Southern Marsh, Southern Tide, Drake’s, Old Row, Nature Backs and Burlebo.

Landrum said he would like to open more stores and launch Jack & Co. as a clothing brand one day. He said Inman was a good place to start his business because of the support he received from the community and the limited number of men’s clothing stores in the area.

“We did a lot of research,” said Alishia Landrum, Landrum’s mother. “We looked at many places people in our area need to shop, and tried to bring in some unique things.”

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