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Local store owner sees vinyl record sales hit record high

(WKBN)- Vinyl record sales hit an all-time high in 2021.

MRC-Data Billboard said in a report that over 41 million records have been sold. That’s a 51% increase from 27 million in 2020.

According to the report, this is the biggest year for vinyl sales since they started tracking sales in 1991.

Local record store owner Jeffrey Burke of Record Connection questions that. In his 42 years in business, he’s seen the big numbers and he’s seen vinyl grow in popularity. But he is skeptical of the numbers due to backlog and supply issues. He added that there were only a handful of independent record stores in the area and they weren’t followed.

“None of us are sound scan reporters. It’s just a small field, so how do they tally up those big numbers? We don’t even know who owns the sound scan,” said Burke.

Burke said a lot of plants are also behind. He wants to know if they are selling at record numbers, so why aren’t they pushing for more factories? Most of the recordings are made outside the United States in countries like France, Czech Republic, Germany and Canada.

Burke thinks the numbers might be too high, however, he agrees that sales have increased. He has seen many new customers walk through the door of his store. He has seen the popularity of vinyl continue to grow since 2005. He thinks people are tired of streaming and downloading and want the physical product instead.

“I think people want a physical product. They are tired of streaming and downloading. Who loses their music catalog because the system crashes or their computer crashes? So you lose everything. You buy air if you subscribe, the record you have something to hold. the sound quality is better. The dynamics are excellent. it’s real music. it’s real loyalty,” Burke said.

Burke’s shop sells a lot of used records and says he can hardly keep them on the shelves.
He had to readjust the layout of his store to hold more records.

He also said that he has also seen an increase in CD sales. He said he thinks vinyl sales can and will continue to grow in popularity.