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Longtime owner of Scandia’s Olde Towne Liquor store retires – Twin Cities

It’s the last call for Adrian Franssen, the longtime owner of Scandia Olde Towne Liquor.

After 62 years in the liquor business, Franssen is retiring. Customers and friends are invited to drop by the store from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday for a farewell toast.

Franssen, 74, got his start at age 13 as a stock boy for Sarrack’s Liquor Store in Maplewood and worked there for nearly two decades. He left to manage Star Liquors, then moved to Capital City Distributing. He bought the Scandia liquor store in 1994.

“I met a lot of amazing people,” Franssen said. “The store wasn’t just for people buying something. It was open for a quick chat, a hug, a shoulder to cry on, and lots of laughs.

Franssen, also known as Mr. January, Mr. June, Mr. July and Mr. December, was one of the stars of the “Scandia/Marine Au Naturel” calendars, which feature men and women aged Scandia’s near-naked medium. and Navy on Sainte-Croix.

For the 2012 calendar, Franssen’s midsection was covered by Teger, his Yorkshire terrier, sitting atop a crate of beer.

“They keep asking us, so they must love us,” he told Pioneer Press at the time. “I sell them and sign them for my clients, and Teger puts his little paw print on them too.”

Franssen said her retirement plans include spending time with her grandchildren, traveling and enjoying the outdoors.

The new owner of the liquor store is Roxanne Bluhm, former manager of the Lindstrom Municipal Liquor Store.