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Maono AU-HD300T Pro microphone system review

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REVIEW – All of our modern devices have microphones. Some are sensitive and well placed, others can pick up ambient noise like your keyboard or the AC fan. Others may not be up to the task of expressing everything you want to convey in your calls, podcasts, video meetings, etc. The Maono Pro AU-HD300T is a complete solution to this problem in one box. You can connect via USB or upgrade to a full low impedance XLR audio setup. Either way, it can meet your sound needs, at least that’s what the box says. Let’s take a closer look.

What is that?

The Maono Pro AU-HD300T is a floor-standing microphone with desk stand, pop filter and sound deadening stand.

What’s in the box?

  • Micro Maono Pro AU-HD300T
  • Pop filter and holder
  • Sound absorbing support
  • Adjustable weighted desk stand
  • XLR and USB cables
  • Paperwork

Material specs

From the company website

  • Best of both worlds: Professional handheld dynamic microphone with USB / XLR dual mode output. The digital USB output connects to a computer, PC, Mac and the analog XLR output connects to a mixer, audio interface or portable PA system. Great for podcasting, recording, live streaming, voice, voiceover, vocals, home studio, content creation.
  • Latency-Free Monitoring and Volume Control: The built-in 1/8 ″ (3.5mm) headphone output lets you monitor your sound while recording without any delay or echo. The HD300T microphone also has a control knob that makes it easy to adjust the headphone output volume. (Monitoring and volume control only work in USB mode)
  • Cardioid dynamic microphone: The built-in cardioid capsule can pick up sound directly in front of the microphone and reduce unwanted background noise from other sources. Smooth and extended frequency response for rich and natural vocal reproduction.
  • DURABLE METAL CONSTRUCTION & FULL OF ACCESSORIES: Sturdy metal construction provides exceptional durability. The heavy metal stand base provides stability and features a height adjustable metal tube. A shock mount and pop filter are included to reduce low frequency rumbles and p-pops.
  • Package List & Warranty: Dynamic Microphone * 1, Microphone Holder * 1, Pop Filter * 1, Shock Mount * 1, 78in USB-A to USB-C Cable, 98in XLR Cable * 1, User Manual * 1. The MAONO HD300T dynamic microphone offers a 24-month warranty.

Design and functionality

The Maono Pro AU-HD300T is an all-metal “ice cream” type microphone, 7.5 “long, tapering from 2” in diameter to 1.325 “at the base. It has a rigid mesh cage on the bottom. entry, supported by a thin foam. (Like most microphones of this type, the cage is threaded and can be removed if damaged, but it should never be necessary.) There is an on / off toggle and two volume control knobs on the body about halfway down. At the bottom there is a USB-C socket, an XLR socket and an AUX headphone socket. The mic does not need phantom power or external power – it is completely plug-and-play for either connection.

There is a 1/8 ″ headphone jack to monitor your speaking input. This means that there is no delay. There is no need to pass it to the blender and send it back to you. You hear exactly what you sound, right into the microphone.

Kit includes a 4 ″ diameter base for the 10 ″ max height desk stand. There is also an insulated audio cage mount to attach to the top of the mount, with rubber O-rings to keep the microphone isolated from accidental vibration and shock. There is also a mounting socket for a rigid wire holder for a 4 ″ pop filter included. The only thing I needed to add to test it was a USB-C to USB-C cable for the iPad Pro, and a USB-C to Lightning connector for the “small” iPad Pro, the 10.5. ″. The USB-C to USB-A cable connected to my Mac without incident. I’m currently without anything that can handle the direct XLR input, but with an XLR to 1/4 inch audio cable the sound through my amp was great! I think the sound is more user-friendly in the midrange, better for talking than for singing.

Using the microphone is very simple: plug it in, choose it from the available inputs and press “Save”. While it did offer some isolation when used on a desktop with keyboard and other noise in the background, I could tell little difference between that and the built-in mics on desktop iPads and Macs. I don’t need to have my mic far from my device. If you record someone a good distance away from your iPad, phone, or computer, this device will produce truly exceptional sound for a $ 65 setup! Connecting to most sound systems with an XLR or XLR to 1/4 ″ connector is simple.

The screw brackets are all made of brass, so they’re not going to come apart or wear out anytime soon. The sturdy stand base weighs 356 g (12.5 ounces), while the mic weighs only 315 g (11.1 ounces).

What I like

  • Fully usable via USB or XLR
  • All necessary parts included
  • Monitoring on the device

What i would change

  • I can’t think of anything

Final thoughts

With all the web and other meetings you do with your computer, have you asked anyone about the quality of the audio they hear? They may have a hard time understanding and not want to embarrass you. An external mic may be exactly what the doctor ordered. If so, the Maono Pro is an easy bet. And if you decide to kick off this podcast, you’re good to go!

Price: $ 64.99
Or buy: Amazon Where Company online store
Source: The sample for this product was provided by Maono.