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MorseLife Health System in West Palm Beach and NEXT GENERATIONS of Boynton Beach-based Holocaust survivors have come together to provide essential educational resources to Boca Raton and the entire Palm Beach community as it continues to serve Holocaust survivors and their families.

As Palm Beach County’s only health care system fully equipped to meet the medical, housing, and financial needs of low-income survivors and their families, MorseLife created the NOW for Holocaust Survivors initiative in 2019. Through NEXT GENERATIONS of MorseLife, the organization will provide programs, speakers and education throughout the county.

“NEXT GENERATIONS was founded primarily by children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and together we will educate people about the dangers of bigotry and anti-Semitism,” said Keith A. Myers, President and CEO. from the management of MorseLife Health System. “NEXT GENERATIONS Founder Nancy Dershaw and I agree that if an organization has the capacity, it should educate the community and be part of the solution. Therefore, we will provide the resources to teach the lessons of the past and ways to mitigate bigotry and hate so they don’t happen again.

The centerpiece of the new initiative – the MorseLife Holocaust Living and Learning Experience – will be located on the MorseLife Campus. “‘Experience’ is a huge part of the title,” says Myers. “As opposed to exhibits of artifacts in a static museum or memorial, we will introduce the proven NEXT GENERATIONS educational model that creates impactful face-to-face encounters with Holocaust survivors and their descendants who will share first-hand stories their experiences,” says Myers.

The program will expand to grades 5 through 12, colleges, and community programs in Boca Raton and throughout Palm Beach County. NEXT GENERATIONS at MorseLife will support the mission and continue the significant impact that NEXT GENERATIONS has had over the past 18 years.

“Amid growing acts of anti-Semitism, we aim to use education to empower future generations,” says Myers. “They can go back to their families and teach them what they have learned. The idea of ​​being a spectator rather than a spectator or an observer should be taught to young and old.

MorseLife Health System, 4847 David S. Mack Drive, West Palm Beach, 561-250-0756, morselifefoundation.org

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