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Museum Store Sunday caps holiday weekend | Culture & Leisure

Museum Store Sunday is scheduled to return today, November 28, closing the country’s busiest shopping weekend. And Western Spirit: The Museum of West Scottsdale has joined over 1,650 museums for the fifth annual event.

Museum Store Sunday gives customers a chance to win local handcrafted relics at the Sue and Robert Karatz Museum Store in Western Spirit.

Jeffrey White, the museum’s store manager, said some items will be discounted by up to 50%. The store will also participate in Cyber ​​Monday with 25% discounts on select styles of wheelhouse socks.

Non-museum members also have the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive savings.

“Normally if you’re a member you get a little discount, so that’s where we open it up to members and non-members to receive the same discount,” White said. “Since we are a non-profit organization, there are no taxes.

The first 10 customers who spend at least $ 25 will receive a gift bag. If they spend $ 50 or more, they will receive an individual membership with their purchase.

Another advantage of shopping at the Sue and Robert Karatz Museum Store in Western Spirit is that most of the items for sale are locally sourced and created by local artisans.

“We have unique gift ideas that are bought locally and we have a lot of artisans that big box stores won’t have,” White said. “Since these artisans don’t source overseas by buying them locally, it gives us the advantage of having goods and not having to wait for something to come out of a ship. ”

Not only does a purchase from the museum shop support the museum, it also supports the local economy.

“It helps the museum with its operating costs, supports the local economy, supports local and Aboriginal artists and it’s a great, continuing cycle of support,” Western Spirit spokesperson David Scholefield said. “Another good thing is that it introduces people to the arts and crafts available in the area. So, on their next trip out of town, they’ll go find the artist’s store. ”

This sale comes at the right time for Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West as it always celebrates the opening of two exciting exhibitions: Light and Legacy: The Art and Techniques of Edward S. Curtis and a collaborative exhibition with Arizona Highways titled “L art of our photography.

“With two new exhibits, people are buying a souvenir of these new exhibits,” Scholefield said. “That’s why (Jeffrey) has four books on Edward S. Curtis, some of Curtis’s prints and copies of the most recent version of Arizona Highways. When people travel somewhere, they’ll want either a magnet, a t-shirt, or a book that commemorates their visit.

However, one of the more special items on the shelves is an autographed copy of “Unpublished Alaska”, a compilation of unpublished prints of the works of Edward S. Curtis which is written and autographed by Coleen Graybill and her husband John Edward Graybill. , who is Curtis’ great-grandson.

Beyond those rarer items on its shelves, White expects to see strong sales on a plethora of merchandise.

“We have so many diverse items like hand painted ornaments made by an artist from Tucson that sell well, locally made copper ornaments, Christmas stockings in the shape of cowboy boots, as well as our clothes. and our ironwood tend to sell well, ”he said. . “There is no single item that sells better than the rest, it is really the combination of what we have.”

For this reason, White has stepped up its efforts and is eager to open the doors to buyers on Sundays at the Museum Store.

“It’s a big boost for us,” he said. “There are over 1,650 museums representing all 50 states joining the museum store on Sunday, so we’re trying to make this our niche and make it a unique shopping experience for our customers.”

Buy until you drop

What: Sunday museum store

When: Today, November 28, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Or: Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West 3830 N. Marshall Way

Info: scottsdalemuseumwest.org/sue-and-robert-karatz-museum-store