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New Antique Store Opens – Hub City Times



Silent Crow Antiques is set to have a grand opening on Saturday, August 20 at 401 Central Avenue, corner 4th-and-Central.

Julie Burton, behind the counter of her new store, Silent Crows Antiques, on the corner of 4th-and-Central in downtown Marshfield.

The building is easy to find with the signature red and white striped awning over the door.

Owner Julie Burton has been working on decorating and finishing the store for the past month, and is excited to open the store and invite people inside. The grand opening will consist of door prizes, gift certificates and refreshments. The store will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The store is decorated almost like a house, with a dining set and decor when you enter the building through the corner door, as well as kitchen sets next to the dining items. Each area has its own set of elements that go together to make it look like a room in a house. The counter features glass dishes among other items that Burton has collected over the years.

Before opening her own store, Julie worked in a store in Marshfield when she moved five years ago, and also managed it for a time. Her knowledge of antiques helps tell the story of many of the items in her store. “I’ve been doing this for probably 40 years, and I have pieces at home that I’ve had for so long,” Burton said when asked how long she’s been collecting antiques. Asked about some of the items she will be selling at the store, Burton explained, “We have people who make things…my son-in-law makes the jewelry, mouth-blown glass.” Many store items are given to him by vendors. If you are a seller and would like to have items featured there, you can contact Julie at 715-305-9446 for more information. In time, Julie also hopes to buy the store next door to expand Silent Crows Antiques and expand the store to have room for more vendors.