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No-Dollar Store: Friends Open Free Business in Dublin | Local news

Initially, she and Wines tried to find an unoccupied apartment building in downtown Pulaski, where they believed the need might be greatest. When the search for a landlord who would give up the rent turned out to be unsuccessful, they tried to settle down with items donated by friends on social media in a storage unit for several Sundays.

“We just didn’t have enough space,” Davidson-Ratcliffe said. “So my husband, Terry, stepped in and bought the store space in Dublin.”

“Now I’m the landlord of tenants who don’t pay rent,” said Terry Ratcliffe, joking about his business model.

The store, located in a small mall at 260 W. Main St., contains seven small, lightly used merchandise rooms, all offered and free. Shoppers entering are greeted with the sight of dozens of children’s gifts under a decorated Christmas tree. The rest of the room is filled with toys for children to play with while their parents shop and bring home afterward.

Other rooms are filled with children’s clothing, baby items, shoes, clothing for women and men, kitchen items and home decor. There is a hallway full of books, DVDs and canned goods, a shelf full of games and another with electronic items. One can also find toothbrushes, sparkly jewelry, strollers, soap, paintings and Christmas decorations at this well-organized shop. For some, the hunt is almost as much fun as the discovery.