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NYU students call on school to step up security after wave of attacks – NBC New York

A college campus in New York is on high alert after several students were injured in a violent hate crime spree targeting Asian Americans.

At least seven NYU students have been assaulted over the past month in and around Washington Square Park. A group of students, including one of the victims, are now demanding that more be done to improve campus security.

“We created town halls, but it’s like, what is the university going to do?” asks Naomi Tanaka. “NYU safety and security officials should realize that they are responsible for helping to keep students safe.”

Tanaka, a sophomore at NYU, wants the school to do more to protect students after a series of attacks around campus, some of which targeted Asian students.

“Nowadays, because Asian hate crimes have become so prevalent, people are a little scared to walk on the streets and on campus,” student AJ Sun said.

NYU doesn’t have security video of the assaults, but on Feb. 15, Sun was walking through the Stern Building around 4:30 p.m. when he said a random person attacked.

“It’s like a punch here, on the left side of my head, then it happened. I didn’t have time to react, then the person ran away,” said the elder .

Sun posted a message on social media alerting students to the incident.

An NYU campus security email on Friday said more security cameras, improved lighting and increased police presence would be added.

“We are aware of the discomfort that Asian members of the NYU community may be feeling at this time; we are united in their full support and want them to know that they have our support and that we are committed to making them feel safe. safety on our campus,” the message read in part. “And given that three of the four incidents involved Asian students, we assume that anti-Asian bigotry must play a role.”

In a statement provided to NBC New York, an NYU spokesperson said the school had previously alerted police to the incidents, but contacted the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force after hearing about the seven women. Asian girls attacked by a suspect in the space of just three hours on Sunday. The spokesperson said the school “noted similarities” between these attacks and those against NYU students, and said police would look into the matter.

“Having said that, it is unclear and we certainly have not reached a conclusion as to whether the person arrested yesterday was involved in any of the incidents here; however, given some of the similarities, we judged that ‘it was worth contacting city investigators. NYU’s Campus Safety Department assumes that at least some of the four incidents are likely related to each other, whether or not they are related to the person charged with beating the seven non-NYU women in lower Manhattan,” the spokesperson said, while noting that they cannot confirm the attacks were aimed at Asians.

The NYPD said some of the students may have been attacked by the same man seen on surveillance video and identified as Steven Zajonc, 28, arrested two days ago and facing multiple charges for the attacks .

“I really feel like it’s a good start, but there’s still so much to do about it,” Sun said.