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NZ Post apologizes to stores for delays in delivering packaging

There are 242 NZ Post stores that operate PostLink, NZ Post's point of sale system.


There are 242 NZ Post stores that operate PostLink, NZ Post’s point of sale system.

NZ Post stores have experienced delays in receiving packaging due to staff shortages caused by illness.

NZ Post’s retail delivery division has emailed stores in recent weeks apologizing for delays in dispatching postal orders.

Its new logistics provider, Supply Chain Solutions, was experiencing delays with high order numbers and dealing with a high number of sick employees, according to emails.

NZ Post bought 50% of Supply Chain Solutions in July last year.

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The processing issues caused delays of six to eight business days between placing orders and getting products to the store, he said.

At the end of June, the stores were informed that there was a backlog which would take a week to clear up.

“The backlog arose due to illnesses and temporary labor shortages, which resulted in 30% to 50% of shift resources being unavailable for more than three weeks,” reads the statement. ‘E-mail.

“These challenges are being overcome, but resource availability issues persist.”

A New Zealand Post spokesperson said it acknowledged there had been delays in processing orders for some Postal packaging items in recent weeks, due to staff shortages due to disease, including Covid.

Last week, the NZ Post supply chain team caught up on processing stock orders for NZ Post retail stores, the spokesperson said.

“We respond to requests from individual stores as they arise.”

There were 242 NZ Post stores that operated PostLink, NZ Post’s point-of-sale system, the spokesperson said.

“At these stores, customers can still use their own packaging and pay for postage through its PostLink point-of-sale system – so they can still send items even if the store is out of stock of a stamp denomination. or bag size.”

Its wider retail store network included more than 880 stores where customers could send NZ Post letters and parcels, the spokesperson said.